We have a range of boats to suit all ages and levels of experience. A tailor-made starter lesson is an ideal introduction to the joys of sailing. After only a few lessons you may be confident enough to try sailing a boat on your own. Refresher lessons are great for those who haven't ventured onto the water for a while. We are also very happy to instruct you in your own boat. A lesson for 1 is 1.5hrs long but for 2 or more people we go for 2hrs. Longer lessons are available as well as day long lessons or escorted picnics or BBQs. A popular choice is to have a couple of 2 hour lessons earlier in the week followed by a day or half day longer sail to allow time for an ice cream trip to Stoke Gabriel or Dartmouth.  Our style of teaching is very much tailored to you rather than trying to fit you to an existing schedule.   We emphasise the pleasures to be had from sailing, especially in such a beautiful place, seal or bird spotting is great fun, as is just absorbing the sounds and stunning views.

For children and adults with a little experience who fancy sailing solo we have Topper dinghies. These are small and responsive boats that are great fun to sail and mess about on. If you have a bunch of youngsters we can arrange a fun session, day or longer courses to keep them entertained and improve their sailing.